Pedicel Marketing: Your Marketing Agency

Taking your roots and making them blossom.

Our main goal is to help you achieve your digital marketing objectives. 2.0

We are an international digital marketing agency with the objective of helping you make your business’ vision a reality. For this, we will create a Marketing strategy tailored to you. We will understand your needs, become part of your team and make an impact on your business’ goals. You are not a client, you are our partner. And our goals are not satisfied until you achieve yours. 2.0

A walk through a better approach to online marketing in 3 simple steps:


The first step of our marketing agency is to analyse and understand your business environment. We will identify your optimal audience to know exactly who we are talking to. Then, we will turn you into an eye-catcher by using awesome, engaging content and creative designs that will attract and blow your target audiences’ mind.


Why have a website if no one sees it?

Everyone talks about SEO, and for a good reason. Investing in SEO may be your best marketing investment this year. By ranking on the top of Google Search, you will attract the right leads in the most rapid and cost-effective way.

Social Media Marketing

Think outside the box and reap the benefits SM has to offer.

There are 3.8 billion social media users in the world, and 54% of them use social media when researching for products. Our marketing agency will help you develop a strong social media presence that will not only reach but engage and deepen the understanding of your target audience.

PPC - Online Advertisement

There is no faster way to yield traffic to your website than by launching PPC campaigns.

If you are going to invest in paid ads campaigns, you should make sure that you are getting the highest return on investment possible. Let us help you make the most out of your online advertising investment.


After attracting your target market, our digital agency ensures that they enjoy every interaction with your brand. We will develop an optimised digital marketing funnel that will help you generate new opportunities.


What makes your company unique? Why are you different from your competition?

Public relations are closely connected with advertising as it gives any brand a certain impact to tell customers about its products and services.

Web Design and Development

You only get a chance to make a first impression, let’s make it a good one

Your website is your most important marketing asset, as it is the first thing your clients see when they search for you. Our digital marketing agency follows the latest trends in UX, web design and technology to create unique, mind-blowing websites for you.

Content Marketing & Copywriting

It's all about the experience

We want your audience to enjoy their experience with you so much that they don't just visit once, but they keep coming back. For this reason, our professional copywriters will produce binge-readable content, creating magical experiences that your audience will never want to miss out on.


Once we have attracted and engaged your audience through a deep understanding of what they want, targeted content they like and the latest design and technology, it is time to turn them into buying customers. This is where marketing meets sales.


Why invest in something if you cannot determine its ROI?

Numbers don't lie. That’s why we follow scientific oriented methods. We test our campaigns to enhance them and bring valuable insights for your business to make objective decisions.

Email marketing

Connect with your audience right in their inbox.

By now you should have a good amount of leads ready to be pitched. But you still have to contact them and turn them into actual clients. Our marketing agency will help you develop an efficient email marketing strategy, allowing you to close more deals with less effort.

Sales Conversion Materials

It's time to convert opportunities into sales.

The greatest attention to details make the difference. We will provide you with the sales materials (templates for Proposals, Presentations and more) needed to ensure optimal conversion rates within your digital marketing and sales funnel.